The Last Class of 2016- Paradigm Shift Module 2

On Saturday the 24th of September we saw ten entrepreneurs graduate from Module 2 of Paradigm Shift. All of the participants had already completed Module 1 and had continued with the program to learn more and continue to grow their businesses.

As an organisation we have loved seeing the impact this course has made. Not only has it equipped local business men and women to run their businesses better but it has also been wonderful to hear the different friendships that have formed over the weeks. One of the most interesting results has been that the entrepreneurs have started supporting each others businesses and buying from one another. It has been wonderful to hear of the love and bond that has grown within the group.

The results have also been incredible! The smallest increase in revenue experienced in the group was 50% and the largest was 500%! That is a huge jump. Even better, at the beginning of the course 40% of the participants saved money each month, that number has now increased to 90%

One of the amazing things about helping entrepreneurs is that you are not just impacting one life, but many. Each entrepreneur supports on average 5 people, as well as some 120 orphans being supported in one way or another by the group.

We are so excited to start changing even more lives in January 2017. If you would like to be involved either by contributing financially, mentoring, facilitating or you know of someone who would benefit from the course- please contact us! You can send an email through to to get more details and dates. Need more convincing? Read the comments from some of our graduates below:

"This program is like a ladder, we were just down on the floor, but because of it we are on did change my life I now see clearly where I am going"

"This program has improved my negotiating skills, confidence to sell value....and to walk away when a business deal does not seem to be profitable"

"..I can now say it proudly and without any doubt that I am a child of God.."

"Yoh!! such a privilege to have such a program. It is mind blowing what I have learnt from the beginning...I have got so close to God ..."