Paradigm Shift

We are so excited to be partnering with Paradigm Shift to run our first entrepreneurship program in April!

We believe that one of the keys to helping the communities we work with is to assist those who are already trying to run a business- or have the desire to start one. When entrepreneurs are given the tools and support to run their businesses well, it gives them the opportunity to support their families and even employ others to do the same. 

Paradigm Shift is a four-fold program that includes: mentorship, discipleship, business training and microloans. Through this holistic program, in 2015 alone, 1,145 entrepreneurs were impacted with the average business owner seeing an increase of 70% in profit. This kind of breakthrough is life changing to many families and communities.

So, how can you help? Firstly, we are looking for entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur is not something that everyone was built to do, but for some it is a God given gift that just needs time to be trained and shaped. You may know people who are earning as little as R100 a day with a small business, those who haven't even ventured to start yet, and even those who are fairly experienced but lack the business basics- these are the people we're looking for! Please contact us if you have anyone who you think would be suitable for the course.

Secondly we are needing mentors. One of the crucial aspects of the course is the relationship between the entrepreneur and their mentor. We are needing business men and women to come along side those on the course to encourage and engage with them. Your business experience may seem insignificant to you but can be invaluable to another. 

We are full of anticipation for the Paradigm Shift launch, please get in touch if you feel you can contribute in any area.