Gateway into Reading with Neema

In the second school term COCA will be starting the Neema course 'Gateway into Reading' in both KwaCutshwayo Primary School and Durban Children's Home.

We are full of excitement for this course as we have become aware of the real need for more reading and literacy programs for second language English speakers. Unfortunately for many children who struggle with reading in their early school years, they are unable to bridge the gap later on and this effects almost every other school subject. Our aim is really to help many of these children to grow confident in their reading abilities and in turn, prepare them for the rest of their schooling career. 

We would love you to be involved! If you have a passion for education and working with children why not come and help us tutor classes and individuals? If you are unsure of the classroom but are still wanting to be a part of the program, there are many other ways to help.