Business Experience Course with Paradigm Shift.

We are so excited to have finally launched our Paradigm Shift entrepreneurship program!

Over the last two weekends, COCA has seen over 50 entrepreneurs complete a Business Experience Course. This BEC is used as an introduction, or stepping stone, to module one of Paradigm Shift's 9 week business course which we will be starting on the 23rd of April.

Both Saturday's were so much fun, with a diverse group of aspiring business men and women learning key business concepts together. Paradigm Shift have really thought through every detail of the one day course and it was wonderful to see how interactive and fun it was for everyone taking part. 

One of the key components of the day is when each table has to create a business and then work together to deal with banks, shop owners, family emergencies, wholesalers and an occasional natural disaster. This game was a really great way to get those participating to think about budgeting, borrowing and saving for a 'rainy day'. 

We are so looking forward to launching Module 1 and seeing many businesses grow and develop through the course. If you would like to contribute in any way towards this program please contact us or visit our donate page.