a...a...apple! Fun with Neema.

It's hard to believe that we are almost at the end of our first term of teaching the Neema reading program!

In both KwaCutshwayo Primary School and Durban Children's Home, we have loved spending time with the children and seeing them grow and improve in their reading abilities. It has been so wonderful seeing their joy and enthusiasm as they learn and the absolute delight on their faces when they 'get it'!

Recently the Neema Foundation asked COCA to fill out a document to try and assess the number of people involved in our Neema program. I was amazed to realise that in just one term we have had the opportunity to teach 216 children! Not only that, but we have 11 volunteers who lovingly teach, organise and carefully put together what is needed for every week of teaching! 

New reports released have shown that 60% of South African pupils are not able to read by Grade 4. That means that over half of the children in our country will struggle for the rest of their schooling career, as they learn and write exams with a very limited understanding of their school material. 

At COCA we feel very passionate about empowering the children of our country to read and ultimately set them up for a successful and fulfilling school career and future. We would LOVE to expand the Neema program and help even more children! If you would like to be involved please contact us at info@coca.co.za. No teaching degree required!