KwaCutshwayo Primary School
KwaCutshwayo Primary School is situated in the township of Tshelimnyama and educates almost one thousand children. Our on-site counsellor Maud Mbambo is passionate about the lives of the children and teachers, with her help we have been able to understand and assist the needs of the community. Over the years we have helped equip the school with desks, bags, stationary, food, life orientation lessons and more. As we move forward as an organisation we hope to assist the school further by running reading courses and assisting in skills development for the caregivers and parents of the school children.  

Gateway into Reading
‘Gateway into Reading’ is a syllabus created by the Neema Foundation.  It is designed to help children with foundational reading, developing skills in word recognition and deciphering. We have become aware that more and more children are struggling with basic reading skills which are causing them to fall behind in their other subjects too. Our hope is that through running individual and group tutoring we will be able to help many children grow in confidence and become better equipped for their academic future. COCA will be running this course simultaneously in KwaCutshwayo Primary School and Durban Children’s Home starting April 2016.  

Paradigm Shift
COCA has partnered with Paradigm Shift to support and educate local entrepreneurs through business training, mentorship, discipleship and microloans. We are very excited to be running our first course in April 2016 and hope to see many aspiring business men and women in our community empowered to grow their businesses and realise their personal potential. To find out more about Paradigm Shift’s course you can visit their website here.